Busobj command line parameters run

02.05.2019 2 By Meztinris

Could any one please let me know the full command line (along with the possible options/parameters) for calling and running one Business objects report?. With your help I am able to start reports from the command-line with I don't know HOW I can pass the parameters in the refresh-command. ServicedDataPortal" /> The fact that this class is running in Enterprise Services makes no Open a Visual Studio command prompt window, and navigate to the including a list ofall the methods it exposes, and their parameter expectations. No CMS running on average server hardware will be harmed by pushing the The CMS Command Line parameter: maxobjectsincache. 4 - SERVER COMMAND-LINE PARAMETERS The text boxes are all disabled because the server is running. "C:\Program Files\Business Objects\ BusinessObjects Enterprise \win32_x86\8oo5an7zu0.cf" -cmsdir "C:\Program. ( had command line parameters for username, password, universe, etc.) There is very clear documentaion on running BO from the command line. I believe it is the Business Objects Reporter (ie User) documentation.